The digitization of the chain of processes taking place within a port, which is extremely complex due to the number and heterogeneity of these processes and the plurality of the subjects involved, is considered an essential element to increase operational efficiency and cost reduction, in a word the competitiveness of a seaport.


The seminar tackles the topic from various points of view, through the skills and experiences of some of the industrial entities associated with Polo Transit.


Attached is the agenda of the seminar and participation details.



The seminar took place last November 10, with the participation of over 30 people, and the representation of about fifteen organizations associated with the Pole.


The specific objective of the seminar was to offer an overview of the issues envisaged in the new European and regional programming related to the technological trajectories and to the S3 addressed by Polo Transit, aimed at launching subsequent proactive and interactive actions in terms of collaborations between the Associates and new development opportunities.


The interventions that followed addressed two aspects in particular: the new Horizon Europe program with the most relevant repercussions on the issue of transport, and the Interreg cross-border programming, based on specific axes of interest for the Ligurian regional territory.

The possible contribution of SIIT in favor of the Associates was also illustrated in the various phases of identifying and presenting a proposal and in the subsequent management of a project, exemplifying some possible operational schemes.


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The seminar, organized by Polo TRANSIT as part of the animation activities, will take place on 10th November from 10 to 12 remotely.


During the meeting, an overview will be presented on the issues envisaged in the new European and regional programming related to the technological trajectories and S3 addressed by Polo Transit.


The specific focus will be made on Horizon Europe and Interreg programs, as far as they are of interest to the Ligurian territory.

The goal is to create the conditions for the subsequent launch of proactive and interactive actions among the Associates, aimed at creating new opportunities for development.


For the seminar agenda and registration details see attachment.


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