The seminar, organized by Polo TRANSIT as part of the animation activities, took place remotely on March 17.


The first speeches framed the issue in the context of the initiatives in progress and / or planned at the Genoese level: starting from the guidelines set by PUMS - Urban Sustainable Mobility Plan, it was underlined that the emergency situation of the last year influenced and pushed various operational choices of the Public Administration and AMT as manager of metropolitan public transport. The main projects in progress were then illustrated: power axes for the TPL, people mover Airport-Erzelli, sky-tram in Valbisagno, electrification process of the AMT fleet.


In the second part of the meeting, solutions and projects of particular importance, developed and / or in progress by some member bodies of TRANSIT, were illustrated: from MAAS - Mobility as a Service applications to the use of big-data, from the impacts of meteo conditions on mobility to specific applications for two wheels, ending with the use of Artificial Intelligence applied to sustainable mobility services.


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