The Research and Innovation Center T.R.A.N.S.I.T. (Technology and Research, Network, Security and Intermodality of Transport) was established in response to the Guidelines issued by the Region of Liguria for the “Reorganization and Harmonization of Research and Innovation Poles of the Region of Liguria” to be implemented with the contribution of the European Fund for Regional Development (POR-ERDF-2014-2020-axis 1).

In 2017, the Region of Liguria directed the redefining of the regional innovation poles, with regard to SIIT, the role of Subject Coordination Manager for the two TRANSIT Poles and SOSIA was ratified, whose operational areas were appropriately reviewed.

Are also part of it:

  • Polo PLSV, Polo Ligure Scienze della Vita”
  • Polo DLTM, Distretto Ligure delle Tecnologie Marine
  • Polo EASS, Energia Ambiente e Sviluppo Sostenibile

Transit Pole operate in the automation supervision, security in transport and logistics sectors: Transport and logistics; port and inter-modality; technological, organizational, management and institutional aspects in the functioning of the processes pertaining to the bodies operating in the Ligurian territorial system.



Subject Manager: SIIT S.C.P.A.

  • Executive
    • Remo Giuseppe Pertica (SIIT)
    • Enrico Musso (UNIGE)
    • Sandro Scarrone (CETENA)


  • Scientific and Technical Committee
    • Angela Di Febbraro (Presidente - UNIGE-DIME)
    • Bruno Conterno (SIIT)
    • Simona Sacone (UNIGE-DIBRIS)
    • Angela Di Febbraro (UNIGE-DIME)
    • Riccardo Bozzo (UNIGE-DITEN)
    • Cristiano Cervellera (CNR-ISSIA)
    • Andrea Clematis (CNR-IMATI)
    • Bruno Saccomanno (LEONARDO)
    • Nadia Mazzino (ANSALDO STS)
    • Paolo Piccardo (T-BRIDGE)
    • Marco Boero (SOFTECO)
    • Giovanni Caprino (CETENA)
    • Massimo Massa (AITEK)
    • Fabio Capocaccia (IIC)
    • Umberto Battista (STAMTECH)
    • Aldo Olivari (HIMARC)
    • Fabio Capocaccia (ON AIR)
    • Andrea Caridi (DARTS)




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