Technological addressed domains

Logistics and ports

  • intermodality and urban management of goods
  • specific solutions for ports and airports
  • management of logistics warehouses and distribution centers
  • information, management and electronic document exchange systems

Transport safety

  • traffic video surveillance
  • automatic vehicle and license plate detection
  • management of dangerous goods transport
  • access control
  • physical and logical security on sites and critical infrastructures

Sustainable mobility

  • management of vehicle and public transport fleets
  • management of vehicle and public transport fleets
  • infomobility
  • intermodality
  • MAAS – Mobility As A Service solutions
  • electronic pricing
  • trip planning
  • mobility supply-demand planning

Who we are

The Pole operates in the sectors of automation, supervision and safety in transport and logistics, ports and intermodality.


SIIT S.C.P.A., is the manager of Polo TRANSIT The Pole employs a Management Committee and a Technical Scientific Committee.

Associated Organizations

In addition to CNR and Genoa’s University, almost seventy companies are part of the Pole.